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Kimberly Wolff Campbell

Kimberly grew up in Jacksonville, Fl and had the arts ingrained in her soul and dance built into her body.


She lived and danced and dreamed in NYC for 15 years, soaking up the fast paced, electrified, art art filled life in a city without bounds....Checking boxes along the way on broadway stages across the US and traveling the world on a 3 year tour of West Side Story.   (with camera firmly in hand). Eyes wide open and hungry for more.


Mountain bound to Denver beauty to love, explore, make a home with her best friend and husband Sean and the two best kitties in the world, find her way as a not so adult “adult”, and realize her photography dreams. So. Much. To. Capture. The adventure goes on with camera more firmly attached than ever.  

following her dance dreams t she got for dancing, dreaming, daring, living, loving, struggling, striving, learning, being beat down, being fully immersed, and truly feeling electrified...


She is an award winning photographer with her work published in print ads, newspapers, multiple magazines and magazine covers, theatrical playbills, and many websites as well as her fine art prints featured in large commercial spaces and private home collections around the world. 

Making art is the common denominator and it sharing it is half the fun!

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