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The Story behind the "More Love Please" piece ...

June 2020


This piece is a digital creation that was born in a time that needed a reminder of positivity and love. It is a simple but strong statement for the universal need of love amongst all humans. During the heavy summer of 2020, as a local artist/photographer living in Downtown Denver, I had been feeling a strong desire to do something positive with a message of healing and unity, and was looking for a way to give back and support our community using my photography. For years my work has been inspired by old neon signs and urban landscapes, so I was naturally drawn in that direction.  I soon realized that I wanted to create something specific to mark this time and create a message of hope.  And then I realized that creating my own NEON SIGN with the message of love is what I had to do. I have always been a big fan of the iconic Benjamin Moore building and sign that stands strongly in the heart of Downtown Denver, so it became the backdrop for my own message of hope.  I collected neon letters from images of iconic signs that I have photographed all over the United States, did some intense photoshopping, and now it lovingly says “More Love Please” instead of “Benjamin Moore Paints”.

As a fundraising effort, I began selling limited run fine art prints of this image, with proceeds of the sales being split between local COVID First Responders, the local LGBTQ chapter, and the local Black Lives Matter organization. During this 2020 summer fundraiser, with support of local media features, good neighborhood businesses and dear friends and supporters across the United States, I was pleased to be able to donate a respectable amount to these deserving organizations.

It was touching and eye opening how many people identified with it and needed the message and reminder. This well received fundraiser has come to an end but it and it made my heart happy to be able to participate in this movement of positivity, and thankfully the message continues to live on through the limited edition art prints.

Limited run prints in multiple sizes are still available in my PRINT SHOP 


8x10 prints are also available for purchase locally in RiNo Arts district at

Modern Nomad  

2936 Larimer Street

Denver, Co 80205

MORE LOVE PLEASE and thank you!


8 x 10  $80  (run of 250)

16 x 20  $300  (run of 50)

20 x 30  $800  (run of 30)

30 x 40  $1500  (run of 20)

40 x 55  $2500  (run of 15)


Much Love-




More Love Please

  • The second to last photo above shows the 2 smaller sizes framed.  The 8x10 on the left is matted and framed in a 11x14 frame.  The larger one on the right is the 16x20 size framed without matting, just the white border that surrounds the photo.  

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